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The young agency portal of rooms, apartments and houses for Europe

Are you looking to rent a room or would you like to let your own room? Then you've come to the right place. Visit your new accommodation virtually and book your room like a hotel. You can also offer your room for short trips!

It is easy and requires no effort. Welcome to clickLodge!

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clickLodge raffles

clickLodge starts with a new clickLodge point system and rewards you with points for your activities. Therewith you can participate at the big raffle on clickLodge & scroggin.



If you register at you  earn 5 points. With that you can already participate at the raffles. With any activity you do on clickLodge you can earn more points and can use them for more drawings. 





  •  How does it work:


  1. Register or Loggin with your clickLodge account.
  2. Check the Website for the coin displayed at the bottom. By clicking on the links, ikons or banners you already earn points. 
  3. Go to your account details and check the ammount of points you have.
  4. Check the link "raffles" to see what you can use them for. If you like any price then use your points to participate. 
  5. Hope & Win!
  6. Try again and collect more points!


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