50 CHF Coupon to Win at the brand new clickLodge RAFFLE!

Win a Coupon from airberlin

The clickLodge CityGuide comes with a brand new Point System.

You can earn points with your activities on the clickLodge CityGuide like writing articles, forward and recommend the CityGuide to friends or just by clicking on partners' banners. 

Use this points to apply for the raffle. The user with the highest pool set on the raffle has also the biggest chances to win it and get the coupon.


Good luck and have fun!


Apply now for the clickLodge raffle and win this coupon. You need to register or login first with your clickLodge login or facebook account.


Afterward the BUTTON for the raffle participation will appear and you can click on apply. Be aware that you need already a certain amount of points to participate. 



clickLodge - airberlin raffle

31.01.2012 - 12:00 o'clock



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