How to sponsor a raffle

How do you proceed as a raffle sponsor?

Would you like to promote any of your products or services to new people in town? Then do as follow.


  1. Use this form to introduce your product, your place or service. Point out why it’s so good and necessary for new people in town. Describe it with an engaging title and subtitle as well as an exciting teaser. Upload a photo of it. Promote it with an irresistible offer and raffle for people who would like to try it. 
  2. Specify the offer, whether it’s a physical product, a service, a discount coupon on it or just more points for other raffles. 
  3. Tell us, how you would like to distribute the price.
  4. Set the minimum amount of points a user needs to participate at your raffle. This amount of points will be withdrawn when he applies.
  5. Tell us if a user can apply repeatedly for the raffle. Every time he applies his points will decrease. 

We will contact you after checking it and make any adaption according your instructions. Once checked by you, we will publish at prominent spot on the home page of clickLodge and of the CityGuide. 




Take advantage of our promotion system and introduce your products and services to new users. They will get to know them, will rate and forward them to their friends since they earn points for such activities.


Our visitors earn points by activities on clickLodge and can apply at your raffle once they earned enough points. 


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