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Latest tips!

  • Auslandsstudium als Chance


    Eine fremde Kultur, neue Menschen, anderes Lernen - wahrscheinlich etwas vom wichtigsten während dem Studienzeit!

  • Fahrrad Verleih Zürich


    Verschiedene Möglichkeiten, um in Zürich und Umgebung ein Fahrrad zu mieten.

  • Arbeit & Arbeitslosigkeit


    Wer in die Arbeitslosigkeit fällt, muss sich schnell organisieren. Wie man vorgeht:

Recomendation section

Here you'll find a collection of recommendations posted by clicklodge and its users as well as taken by the open source travel guide of wikitravel. 

This vade mecum is thought as as a first help and orientation for people moving to a new city. The wikitravel information give an overview of the places, the specific links in the menu on the right deal with typical subjects of relocation. Click on the different items of the link buttons like "On arriving", "Housing and Living", "Sport facilities" etc.



If you want to contribute with an article or a useful link, everybody will benefit of it.

Click on "Hand in your recommendation". If you want to add a new category or a place just hand in your article and tell us what category should be added.

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PS: Don't be shy - your contribution counts more than any spelling error you might do when writing in English! Anyone with English as mother tongue is welcomed to correct them. However, if you really don't dear, just send them in in your language and we will try to translate them as good as we can.
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