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There is an outlet complex, the Designer Outlet  Parndorf, just 30 minutes from Vienna. During the year you can find a lot of sales offers and cheaper designer clothes. You can reach the complex with car or by bus. For more information, please see:




Penny and Hofer are the everyday shops, where you could buy food and drinks very cheap. Usually they offer unknown brands at relatively low prices. If you are looking for fresh fruit and vegetables, the best would be to look for them at some local markets. There are situated almost in every district. Although every other shop offers vegetables and fruits, at the markets or in the Turkish shops they are a lot better from eco point of view. They are also cheaper.

Although Billa and Merkur belong to the same mother company, Billa is seen as the more expensive one. Merkur offers also a lot more offers to loyal customers and so called “Friends of Merkur”. Such cards are available almost in everyone of this shops.  These customer cards are part of the loyalty program.

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You should know that during the week these shops close at 19:30 the latest, 17 or 18 in Saturdays, and they are obligated by  law to close on Sundays. Only some small Turkish food shops or bakeries are allowed to work in Sundays, as well as to Billas: