Sport facilities in Fribourg

Fribourg is famous for its incredible infrastructure. In addition to the fitness clubs and sport centers you have the opportunity to ride your bike in the city, to enjoy your rollerblades.




Private gyms

There are different fitness clubs, most of them prefer special customer programs and does not put price lists at their sites. You need to stop by or write them in order to find about the regular price offers. Here are links to couple of the beat fitness clubs in Fribourg.






Tennis on court could be played in many places in the city. For most of them, you need to pay a certain price for hour per person or per court. Here are some useful links:

There are over 10 public tennis courts (asphalt-paved) and a small Tennis Wall in Donaupark. If you, though, want to find a free one, you neеd to avoid going later afternoon or during the weekends, since there are too many people and sometimes you need to wait for over 2 hours for a free court.




Well, Switzerland is probably one of the best world destinations for skiers and snowboarders. The best skiing slopes  are and places around Fribourg are:

If you, though, have not enough time to travel, and need something very close to Fribourg, here are some useful links: