On arriving in St. Gallen



Which formalities have to be filled in when moving to St. Gallen

Here you'll find useful information about the register formalities when working or studying in St. Gallen. If you move from St. Gallen, you have to give notice of leaving. If you move within the canton St. Gallen you fill in the following form.





You have a new address in St. GallenYour change of address, tell it to theCity Hall counterBringthe following documents with:

* Swiss nationalsFont receipt
* Foreign-makers: residence permit
* Military reporting requirement: service book

For Swiss people they can tell us by mail, by phone or onlineForeign nationals have to be presentpersonally.

Here is the online form.

* EC / EFTA nationals: bring your identity card and the fees (CHF 26.00with them.
* Citizens of other countries to bring the old identity card (with plastic case)according to recent photo sample photos (here, new window) and the fees (CHF 30.00with themWith the newresidence permit in credit card format, the charges reduced to CHF 25.00.


You'll get information at the following office:

Stadt St.Gallen
9001 St.Gallen
Telefon 071 224 53 25
Fax 071 224 57 01


You can do most of the formalities online.


If you need a translater, here you'll find a list of translater.

Relocation Services

Here is a list of relocation services in St. Gallen




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