Best rated mobile phone providers

Here is a list of the best mobile phone operators in Switzerland.

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Check the apropiate subscription form for mobile phones

Check the cheapest mobile phone subscription form according to your needs.

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Safe money with the scroggin card

Discount card for students with exclusive offers at scroggin!

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List of job plattform and search engines

Here is a collection of job plattform and search engines

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The best car rentals in Switzerland

The best car rentals in Switzerland

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Guidelines for transporting your bicycle

SBB makes it very complicated!

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Useful website which displays opening hours.

Useful Website to check the opening hours.

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Useful information about relocation

A collection of Websites covering the subject "relocation" deeply.

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How to find all information about post offices in Switzerland.

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Where to find bargains

Some websites offering discounts on acquisitions

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Many discounts for students

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... a way to travel around

Here is an absolute new way of travelling around Europe! Charter your own Bus!

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Viele Vergünstigungen mit der Stucard

Vorteile ohne Ende!

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Do your groceries online!

A comfortable way to do your groceries!

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Useful app abroad & at home!

The new way to meet people around you.

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