Zurich leisure time

what to do in Zurich

Here is a colleciton of activities for those who are new in Zurich. 

It gives you an overview of where to find places, where to go out, and where to meet poeple like you inin a new city.

We are trying to fill this part but depend on your contributions. Therefore, your recommendations are welcomed.

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Flums is one of the closest place to ski, just 1.5h from Zurich by train.

The best way to get there is to take the train to Ziegelbrücke...

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Sauna with a great panorama view

Sauna in Zurich

There are many ways to pass you r leisure time in Switzerland. And even if you are on a small budget, you can still enjoy a good sauna in Zurich.

Try the sauna at the university. As a student and member of the ASVZ, you can use the university sauna for 6 CHF per two hours.


For the more wealthier,

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Swimming in Zurich - for FREE!

Where to go for a swimm for free in Zurich!

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Wahnsinnig leckere Erdbeer-Margaritas in der Wüste

leckere Erdbeer-Margaritas in der Wüste

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An alternative portal describing your city

Ron Orp's Mail is a newsletter describing your city life and deliverig many tips about events, parties etc.

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The best bars in Zurich

Meet people in the best bars in Zurich.

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The best tours

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Where to hike around Zurich

Hiking around Zurich is gorgeous with the close lake and often a great view on the near alps.

Check out this website

Zurich Wanderwege

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DER Ort für ein lauschiges Feierabend-Bier, -Saft oder sonstigen -Drink, internationale Küche inmitten bester Aussicht und jede Menge Spektakel für klein und gross und alle dazwischen.

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