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General CityGuide information

The clickLodge CityGuide is a city guide with recommendations about topics concerning relocating and settling down in a new city. It shall help people who have moved to a new city newly and must find a fast way out there.

We collect recommendations and advices to the relocation topic which concern the following areas:

On arriving:

Covering information about registration procedures , Visa and other administrative stuff. These are the formalities and other tasks which must be taken care of when relocating to a new city. If you know interesting links under which one finds relevant information or if you experienced yourself them, then send us your tips as one proceeds best.


Collects information which help when searching for residential accommodations. Furthermore, it publishes country specific topics about tenancies, leases and rents. Eventually, it includes as well flat-sharing community concerning topics. Your tips help the newly moved in flat mates!


This category picks out organizational tipics. You can hand in recommendations about Internet and telephone connection providers, mobile telephone providers and furniture stores, favourable shops, supermarket and sports facilities. Furthermore, it gathers choices for bank account openings and policy contracts.


Further topics can concern the mobility and the public transport: Indicate where to purchase or rent bicycles, which are the most favourable car rentals, which bargains do exist at the public transport. Help the newcomers on the jumps a bit!

Leisure time

Into this category going out possibilities like bars, pubs, night clubs and restaurants, exhibitions and excursions are discussed. Your contribution can have the topic where one becomes acquainted with new and nice people or where one has 
terrifically fun without getting poor!

As the clickLodge CityGuide focuses information about the relocating and settling down in a new city the information referring to general city topics are takeen from Wikitravel. We don't want to reapeat things, therefore, please, don't take anything from existing sources but refer to them!

With your contribution you help the clickLodge CityGuide become a useful vade mecum for mobile people. But also locals use it to collect and to organize and exchange their tips with other like-minded. Therefore, why not also you!

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