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Be a CityGuide and win a flight for two to Barcelona !



All you need to do is...

Do you have an insider's tip which tells us how to slap through your city. Share your tips with other people and win a flight to Barcelona very easy!




  1. Take a funny picture or write a small report about your tip. How to write? Example!
  2. Upload it or hand it in on the clicklodge website. How to hand in tips?
  3. Ask all your friends to vote and comment your tips. How to collect votes?
  4. The author with the most ratings, votes and comments will win. How to win?


  • banner1_writeWrite!

  • banner1_fotographPhotograph!

  • banner1_commentCollect votes!
  • banner1_commentFly away!


  • Your mission: Now, write your tips & upload your photos until the 01.07.20111!


Sign in & write!





We are proud to announce the winner of the CityGuide contest.

The partecipant who won the contest is shown in this movie movie.

He/she wins a flight to Barcelona for two persons.

for his/her submitted article.



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