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Rules of the game


The contest's contents are clear! Not? Then have a look again (Description)



  1. Requests: Photos, videos or short descriptions of your secret tip, address and link of the place with a description telling us why it is a good place.
  2. Formats:The CityGuide accepts PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIFF. It also accepts any video format. If you upload documents, please upload it as a .PDF.
  3. Places to write about: It must be a location in a university town, i.e. in a town in which there is a university.
  4. Deadline: You can submit your contribution until the 13.04.2011. The earlier the better since you can collect more rating-stars, votes and comments!
  5. Process: Write one or several contributions (Why? Because, it's logical that more tips also increase the chances of winning!) to a given topic. By submitting them within in the competition time period, you automatically take part at the competition. Therefore you don't have to do any additional effort to participate! The contributions are checked by us for compliance with the conditions of participation. If the contents are correct, they get published under the respective categories. Thereupon, you can promote your contributions in your circle of friends to vote for you.
  6. Electoral procedure: Anyone can give votes to his favorites tips. Of course, one can promote his contributions actively and stimulate friends to vote for him. Maybe the author then wants to take particularly active friends with him on the won journey.
  7. Elections: People can rate, vote and comment the articles until the 14.04.2011. The author whose articles have most rating-stars, votes and comments wins.
  8. Copyright: You must have the rights for the article and the pictures. That means, either you briefly write them yourself and shoot some photos or you write a little teaser text and set a link to it. The rights of your articles go to clickLodge, in order to publish them on the CityGuide. clickLodge may reuse the articles and photos and may also publish them elsewhere. clickLodge publishes these, however under cc licence, which means that authors can share their works in a simple way. clickLodge and therefore your friends may forward parts of the texts and mention clickLodge.
  9. Participation compliances: Your can participate at the competition "Be a CityGuide!" if you are at least 18 years old and if you have accepted the terms of participation. You have done this automatically by submitting contributions within the given time. Employees of clickLodge Ltd, including their family members, and persons who are anyhow connected professionally with them are excluded from it. Every participant can take part only in his own name. 
    With the participation you agree completely and unconditionally to the conditions of participation. clickLodge reserves the right to disqualify anybody who violates these conditions. Legal proceedings are excluded.
  10. Prices: We cannot give you the prices in cash. You cannot assign the win to others either. The handing over of the win is coordinated individually with the respective winner. Depending on the price we send it by mail or on electronic way. Departure airport can be Basel, Geneva, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin or any bigger city whith direct flights to Barcelona and with the given airlines providing clickLodge the tickets (among others easyjet, airberlin). You have to use it within the given time.
  11. Confidentiality: We use your contact details only for handing over the win and to communicate with you. After registration you can use all services of clickLodge with your login.
  12. Liability: clickLodge is not liable for the damages which arise in connection with the participation at the competition either, unless clickLodge acts roughly negligently. clickLodge does not assume any liability for all damages which are caused by the win and is left up from claims of participants or of third parties.
  13. Miscellaneous: The participation at the competition is exceptionally possible by the given means of communication, that is to say by registering and handing in your tips on the Webpage. The participation at the competition is free of charge.


    clickLodge reserves the right to stop the competition at any time. In such a case, no claims are allowed by the participants against clickLodge.

    Should one or partly one or several of the prominent clauses be or get ineffective or impracticable, the other conditions remain effective.

    Competition supplier is clickLodge Ltd., Seestrasse 101, 8002 Zurich.

    Trade register no: CH -, registered office : Zurich, Trade register office: Canton Zurich

    Registered office:For any issue concerning legal matter, clickLodge exclusively accepts the rights of Switzerland. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Badenerstrasse 90, 8004 Zurich

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