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How to write contributions for the clickLodge CityGuide


Important: You write in the clickLodge CityGuide for new and inexperienced people in a foreign town. Your articles shall therefore be informative and it shall contain a recommendation with grounds.

It therefore includes:

  1. a short choice of the existing possibilities.
  2. an indication which is most used.
  3. a recommendation, why this possibility matches on new persons in the town best.


Central questions on it can be:

  • Which products have you tried out/places?
  • Which ones are the best or the worst?
  • Which one has overwhelmed you?

If you have tried these places, your recommendations could look like these:

  • It has convinced me very much because it's favorable and useful.
  • It is useful by having spoken English support.
  • There were problems but they were solved quickly.

If you are convinced of them, you can aim at the following sentences.

  • I recommend it very much because I often take advantage of it.
  • I cannot without.
  • I think you should try it.
  • I only can recommend it.
Just some words about the content's presentation: The contents can contain a link and a short description of the contents. If you haven't written the text yourself, indicate the source - that's absolutely necessary! It's nice but no must at all, if you have pictures to illustrate it. If you hand one in, you must have taken these yourself or you must have the rights for the publication.
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